Field information management

Records and information are important key assets held and used in all field operations。They are essential for decision-making and for providing evidence of day-to-day business activities。因此,应以充分的责任制和透明度来管理它们;最重要的是,记录和信息应受到保护。This is particularly important when a mission is in transition。This page provides basic guidance on managing records and information during the existence of a field mission, including its transitional period。These tools could be applied to peace operations, special political missions or good offices。

ARMS trains UNOMIG staff


The United Nations Archives and Records Management Section has developed an e-learning tool for anyone who wants to understand the basic framework and principles of records and information management。 It covers the management of paper or digital information assets。 You can do it on our websiteBasic recording and information training,通过InspiraCompletion of the training can also lead to a certificate of relevant courses。

We also offer recording and information training courses on demand through Microsoft Teams or Webex, especially during the task group creation phase or transition。