Exhibition and outreach

The United Nations Archives and Records Management Section's exhibition programme dates back to 1970, when the Section donated a number of historical items to its antiquities collection for display during the celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the United Nations。Since 2010, we have offered more and more exhibitions to raise awareness of our archival collections and the services we offer。

The Reading room of the Archives and Records Management Section has a display case with small rotating exhibitions, and we regularly provide original items and digital substitutes for exhibitions both inside and outside the United Nations (see ours)Partnerships and collaboration). The following links will take you to some of our curated online exhibitions。

Please go through oursFlickr page, browse a variety of photo galleries related to UNRRA, CNRRA, UNKRA, Secretariat building construction and other topics。

If you have any suggestions or comments on our exhibition, please contact us:arms@zellrowland.com